MusiBingo: Where Music and Bingo Unite for the Ultimate Party Game

Hosting musical bingos has never been easier or more fun. With MusiBingo, get ready to play, dance, and win in a whole new way!

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Discover the Power of MusiBingo: Features That Set Us Apart

Randomized Song Selection

Experience the thrill of unpredictability with our automated song selection feature, ensuring a fair and exciting game every time.

Instant Ticket Verification

Make the game flow effortlessly with automatic ticket search and verification. Instantly check for winners, ensuring a swift and accurate game progression.

Creatively Yours

Bring a personal touch to your events with customizable tickets. Tailor designs to match your theme, adding a unique flair to every game.

Never Miss a Beat

Unexpected interruption? With our game restore feature, you can pick up exactly where you left off, ensuring no game ever goes unfinished.

Full Control at Your Fingertips

Stay in charge with integrated media player controls. Adjust volume, skip tracks, or pause the fun—all within a click to suit the moment.

Enhance Your Game with Effects

Add excitement with captivating visual and sound effects, elevating the gaming experience for everyone involved.

Master the Melody: Random Picks & Total Playback Control

Dive into the heart of your musical bingo with MusiBingo's dynamic song selection. Our automated random song picker keeps the game unpredictable and fair, drawing from your eclectic playlist with ease. Below, a convenient history bar displays recently played tunes, allowing for quick reviews at a glance. With MusiBingo, you’re the DJ—effortlessly play, pause, and restart songs right from the dashboard.

Instant Ticket Verification: Prizes, Fun, and Fair Play

Enter the number, and MusiBingo springs into action, checking for wins across a multitude of prize categories—from the speedy Early 5 to the grand Full House. Watch as it meticulously ensures all validations, so every claim is just. Celebrate victories with a burst of confetti and cheerful sound effects, or witness the good-hearted fun of a 'BOGGY' with humorous animations. And for those nail-biting moments when two winners emerge simultaneously, the Lucky Draw feature is the fair and exciting way to crown your winner. It's not just about checking tickets; it's about creating moments that everyone remembers.

Relive the Melodies: Comprehensive Song History

Stay in tune with every beat that’s played! MusiBingo’s Songs History feature presents a complete playback diary in both Grid and List views. The Grid view offers a bird’s-eye view of the entire song lineup, while the List view provides a scrollable, detailed rundown with larger text for easy reading. Every track is neatly sorted by the order it was played, so you can effortlessly revisit the soundtrack of your game!

Songs History

Spotlight on Success: Instant Winners Display

Instantly shine a light on the victors with our Winners List feature. MusiBingo celebrates every triumph, from the early birds to the grand full house winners, by displaying all winning ticket numbers clearly and proudly. Keep the excitement alive as every winning moment is captured and shared, making it a breeze to honor each lucky number and keep the game's momentum going. Refresh, rejoice, and repeat—the stage is yours to host a seamless and thrilling musical bingo!

Songs History