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Our vision

Our vision is to empower your business with tailored Excel and software solutions, enhancing efficiency and freeing your time for innovation.

At My Excel Solutions, we've been at the forefront of Excel-based services since the inception of MS Office Excel. Our expertise spans the development of specialized tools, utilities, software, dashboards, data automation, analytical reporting, and comprehensive training programs. Our solutions cater to a diverse range of industries including construction, education, engineering, diamonds, elevators, foundry, agro-food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, packaging, chemicals, infrastructure, and more, encompassing both manufacturing and service sectors.

Our team, known for its experience and efficiency, consistently exceeds client expectations by delivering projects successfully and on time. We are committed to delivering solutions that are not only smart and fast but also intuitive, automated, and analytical, enhancing your business performance and control. At My Excel Solutions, your success is our mission.

About Us

Meet The C.E.O.

Parmeshwar Bhandari, our CEO, is a visionary leader with an impressive 30-year journey that began in the era of GW Basic and dBase III in 1991. His early forays into technology saw him mastering Lotus 123 and Quattro Pro, leading up to the development of a pioneering accounting software on dBase III for DOS. This was just the beginning of his quest to enhance business efficiency through technology.

In the realm of Excel, Parmeshwar has crafted numerous utilities and tools, achieving complete user satisfaction through innovative solutions. His commitment to sharing knowledge is evident in his educational YouTube channel, where he unveils a wealth of logic, tricks, and insights on utilizing Excel's formulas and functions for improved, swift, and precise outcomes and analytical reporting.

Beyond his technical prowess, Parmeshwar possesses a profound understanding of accounting and financial management, coupled with a deep insight into various business processes. This unique blend of skills enables him to develop impactful tools and utilities designed to propel businesses toward success.